7 tips on how to survive summer Karate training

Here are a few tips of how to survive summer karate training effectively:

1. First you must get off the sofa and not become a couch potato! It is too easy to say “it’s summer, I just want to play video games and hang out with my friends”. Make your training happen! Don’t grow sprouts, young spuds!

2. When it is hot, hydrate with H20 or some Gatorade. Don’t sit all day, then all you are doing is chilling.

3. Hit a Century Wavemaster and get some of the rotten behavior out of you. You know how you get when you sit around doing nothing and say “there’s nothing to do”. Burn some calories and get a sweat going.

4. If you are training, you are leaving your brothers and sisters alone. They will love the break, your parents will be relived and you will learn how to become better with your martial arts training.

5. Work on a few skills that no one else will work on during the summer. You don’t have to kill yourself but do learn a cool trick or do something difficult that no one else you know can do. Twirl a Bo staff, twirl a nun-chaku, learn a creative kick but do something to advance your skills.

6. If you have a tough time training in the summer because of the heat, don’t stop all activity, do your training in bits and pieces. Try ten minutes working hard and five minutes at a slower pace but keep active! Activity is key!

7. At our Wausau Martial Arts school we teach that “focus” is the most important thing. Our culture in the United States is very different than other countries. We jump all over the place and try different activities to keep ourselves busy. We tend to get sidetracked all the time. Part of the discipline in Martial Arts has to do with sticking with things.

If you jump around all the time, you never become a master at anything but become good at quitting everything. We get in an activity and quit it in a few weeks. Pretty soon we have developed a pattern and we get used to quitting everything we do. That is where Martial Artists need to be different. Stick to your goals and get the job done no matter how difficult and challenging. Just get it done!


  1. Ummmmm I will try to do some of these but I don’t think I can keep doing it everyday

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