Belt Requirements

Belt Requirements For Karate Classes

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Step 1 Test for Yellow Belt Step 5
Test for High Yellow
Step 2 Test for Green Belt Step 6
Test for High Green
Step 3 Test for Blue Belt

Step 7

Test for High BlueStep 4Test for Red Belt


Test for High Red Belt Test for Brown Belt  1st Degree Black Belt  2nd Degree Black Belt



Each belt level requires more and more challenging techniques.  At the beginning stages of karate classes, you will learn moves that will develop balance, focus and work on your flexibility.  As you advance through the ranking system, everything will become more challenging.  You will develop more coordination, learn verbal defensive skills, become more sensory aware, develop stamina and strong defensive techniques standing as well as on the ground.

We will develop skills on the ground as well as standing  because we want you to be well rounded.  If you would only learn one area, you could be left vulnerable to an attack because you never practiced defending against that type of encounter.