Testing at Mission Lake

testing mission lake 2013Congratulations to all students that tested for rank, at our annual picnic testing.  We had about 30 people testing this Saturday for under black belt “gups” and three tested for first Dan at Mission Lake.

Everyone did a really well and now, it is  finally over.  All the sweat and tears got you where you are today.  Seth Pajtash said, “I can’t believe it’s all over, all the hours put in and everything is done in one day”.  It only took six long years for Emma to get to black but the hardest part was not the testing, it was the pretesting.  That was a lot of work.  Break em down and build them up again.  That is all about perseverance.

Clean Cole, “Cole Hauser” only took about seven years to test for his black belt.  I think he really liked the smack in the back of his head during testing, when Mr. M. threw him, dropping him on my shin.  He kept on going, regardless of how I knocked him.

Matthew Marquardt did what he had to do and now he is finally there!  I think Matthew’s toughest thing to do during the test, was to say the meaning of his form under stress.  The physical parts he could pop off with ease but saying that long complicated meaning with Mr. Malone distracting him was a challenge.

Antigo and Wausau area Premier Mixed Martial Arts students did a mixture of forms, sparring and self defense for testing.  Now we will have all new material to learn and get to look forward to starting school again.  Sorry for having to mention that guys!