Martial Arts for Children

Martial Arts for Children

Martial Art for children can start at 3 1/2 years old, at our Wausau Karate Schools.  You do not need any previous experience.  All you need,  is to be able to listen and follow directions.

Martial arts for children is something that has to be tried first.  Some kids are not ready for that and you will realize after about three lessons if they need more time.  If their behavior is totally out of control we have to try teaching them some anchor discipline techniques.  These help trigger an immediate response, to change poor behavior patterns and create new more productive responses.

Sometimes children do a perfect transition and that makes teaching work so well.  Others, have a way of trying to control the class by being the class clown and causing problems with everyone else.  The class clown can not get away with doing trouble causing behaviors.

Consequence for breaking rules

They need to hear the consequence and if they break the rules, they have to deal with what they chose to do.  Other children will be praised for their good behavior and the child with have to do what ever the predetermined disciplinary consequence is to change their behavior.  They may have to sit on a quiet time out on the side, or do ten push ups.  They do not have to do any disipline action if  they behave well.  Only if they are checking their behavior boundries.

If we train them to do well at martial arts and they go home and cause trouble, that needs to be worked on by parenting.  Do the same thing to them and do not give in to their abusive behavior.  Children learn how to manipulate parents extremely well and sometimes we cave in to their demands because we don’t know what to do.

The key thing is to be consistent with correcting them and do it every time.   That way they will know what is expected and  don’t have to be told over and over.

The 5 Different Types Of Martial Arts

It may be hard to decide on which style of martial arts you would like to begin mastering but let’s look at the 5 different types of martial arts that are real popular. With so many different techniques and even fields to consider, it might be puzzling to figure out which technique may best work for you. Below are a couple of the most preferred styles of martial arts:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

It is one of the most well-liked wrestling arts on earth that is primarily determined by ground combating, though it may include takedowns. Submissions are the major weapon put to use in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, because you may either choke a rival out or even break, important joints by applying pressure on them. It is an extremely effective way of defense as specialists in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are quite at ease on their backs, allowing for them to protect themselves in many different circumstances. The defense posture is especially effective since it is applied in an attempt to stop an assailant from carrying out any harm to you.


This type of technique resembles Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in admiration to making use of position and even strategy over strength, so the term Judo was based on the gentle way. Judo additionally targets on chokes and even joint locks, as well as features throws. Mostly, it will involve having to take your assailant to the floor with throws or even trips, and then rolling around attempting to immobilize your rival with pins or locks.

Kung Fu

It is an ancient martial art which was developed in the Far East particularly China. Kung Fu works by using different punches, postures and even kicks, to neutralize one’s rival. It was extensively popularized by Hollywood as a lot of movies utilize acrobatic Kung Fu techniques in their combat choreography.


It is possibly one of the earliest and even popular styles. It is a martial art that implements joint locks, kicking, punching, as well as other tactics. A large aspect of the Karate program is boosting your mental strength, along with mastering different types. Even though Karate is beneficial to a certain degree, it has been watered down greatly with the sudden increase of unaffiliated karate dojos.


This technique works by using punching and even kicking. Taekwondo is recognized for its elaborate kicking methods that are precisely what differentiates it from other types, for instance Kung Fu or even Karate. This program involves meditation techniques, breaking up of boards, aerobic and anaerobic fitness and also self protection techniques.

There are numerous other disciplines to consider in martial arts; however, these are a few of the most widespread styles, which you will come across all over the world.