Neoprene bag gloves

Everlast Neoprene  Bag Gloves

If you ever used neoprene bag gloves for your heavy bag workouts, you will understand why people choose this type after training for a few days.  The biggest reason is the smell.

Regular training bag gloves are fine for a while but if they have been used by multiple individuals, for example, shared gear at an health club or martial arts school, the smell from the combination of multiple trainers can be eye wrenching.

That grouse smell can stay on your hands for days no matter how hard you scrub or soap up, it does not go away.  I can tell you this from experience, when we shared boxing gloves, that stench would make your hands funky for days.

No one wants to smell bad, and this can help solve that terrible, shared odor problem.  All you have to do is simply wash them.  You can use these in a gym and keep them smelling great.  If you buy more than one pair, rotate them to keep them as dry as possible.

What if you are a Mixed Martial Arts trainer and just want a glove for wrist support?

You may want to try , this way you can have support on your wrist area and have the ability to grab with your fingers.  This type of glove offers the ability to strike with stability to help prevent injuries.    The drawback is that if you are using this in a health club, it is going to smell like something died in it after being shared.  If you purchase it on your own and use it for personal use, that would be your best choice.

Other wrist wrap gloves that I evaluated a while back like on my Everlast Boxing Bag page are other examples of great training gear for martial arts students. They are versatile, easy to clean and hold up to the hard hitting of heavy bag training.

Martial Arts for Children

Martial Arts for Children

Martial Art for children can start at 3 1/2 years old, at our Wausau Karate Schools.  You do not need any previous experience.  All you need,  is to be able to listen and follow directions.

Martial arts for children is something that has to be tried first.  Some kids are not ready for that and you will realize after about three lessons if they need more time.  If their behavior is totally out of control we have to try teaching them some anchor discipline techniques.  These help trigger an immediate response, to change poor behavior patterns and create new more productive responses.

Sometimes children do a perfect transition and that makes teaching work so well.  Others, have a way of trying to control the class by being the class clown and causing problems with everyone else.  The class clown can not get away with doing trouble causing behaviors.

Consequence for breaking rules

They need to hear the consequence and if they break the rules, they have to deal with what they chose to do.  Other children will be praised for their good behavior and the child with have to do what ever the predetermined disciplinary consequence is to change their behavior.  They may have to sit on a quiet time out on the side, or do ten push ups.  They do not have to do any disipline action if  they behave well.  Only if they are checking their behavior boundries.

If we train them to do well at martial arts and they go home and cause trouble, that needs to be worked on by parenting.  Do the same thing to them and do not give in to their abusive behavior.  Children learn how to manipulate parents extremely well and sometimes we cave in to their demands because we don’t know what to do.

The key thing is to be consistent with correcting them and do it every time.   That way they will know what is expected and  don’t have to be told over and over.

Mixed Martial Arts Wausau

You don’t have to get slammed in the head, knocked down to the ground or thrown into a cage to to know how to use mixed martial arts techniques.  You don’t even have to be a cage fighter to get the benefits of martial arts training.  All you have to have is the desire to learn what to do.

George Foreman, one of  the best boxers of all time, used to train hard but not get hit too hard when training.  He would save getting hit really powerfully for fighting in the ring.   That would keep him fresh and avoid injuries.  He had one of the longest and most successful boxing careers.  Sometimes training with that mentality, can keep you from getting injured.  If you get injured, you are not training during the time you are recovering.  So, train with safety in mind and keep yourself from getting injured by working solid with your moves, stretching, warming up and train with safety in mind.

Mixed Martial Arts training gives you the ability to train less traditonally but work the core fundamentals of fighting.  Fighters train using many different styles but eliminate the traditional aspects to speed their learning.  They learn the moves without traditional kata training and just get to the bare essentials of what needs to be learned, to get the job done.

One style that shares that concept of training is called Krav Maga.  This system, uses attacks and defenses to fend off attackers and emphasizes getting away.  The system works off the principal of get it done now and get the heck out of there.  They use elbows, knees, kicks and strikes and do not do any traditional training like Katas.  They just get into the fighting aspect of things and how to deal with fighting situations.

With that concept of training, students sometimes lack the moral teachings of martial arts.  Teaching about respect, courtesy, and integrity are not something that needs to be dealt with in those situations, so it is not trained.  With that comes more of a gladiator mentality.  As a parent, we want our children to defend themselves but to a point.   We don’t want them hurting others in school because they could get hurt or hurt someone else.   So as a parent, you really need to enforce the moral values that are not taught through  mixed martial arts training.  You will have to take a more active role in their training.  Some schools teach about morals and others do not.

Just remember that mixed martial arts training teaches how to get the job done quickly but responsibilty needs to be taught at the parental level or some training can be neglected.


Advantages of Martial Arts Training

There are many advantages of Martial arts training with various benefits, both mental and physical.  Many people are amazed at the benefits one can get from martial arts training. The number one benefit is how you can apply the self defense method you have learned. This increases the students’ confidence since they know that they are well prepared in case of anything. However, there are a few other benefits that you can get from martial arts training.

Improves your coordination

Some of the advantages of Martial arts training are in an activity that will help you exercise both your hands and your legs. For instance, when you throw kicks with all legs, it helps you with both coordination and balance. Throwing blows help practice your hands. Majority of sports focus on one side, such as baseball, which is always thrown with one hand then you catch with the other.

Calms your mind

The good results which many people do not expect are just as exciting. Focusing on martial arts training will help you forget about the pressure of the day thus causing your worries to disappear. Should you be having a bad day, training will help you mentally to transform things as well as make you feel great.


During such training, a student will notice enhancement in flexibility, speed, power and also overall stamina. However, for great results, you need to be consistent with the training.

Consistency in exercises helps to strengthen the muscles; however, once in a while, students might notice weight loss and also an increase in muscle tone. On the other side, you will also start noticing that your speed in techniques has intensely increased.

Body workout

In a full class, you can work many parts such as legs, chest, arms, cardio and many more. Take for instance; when you are doing kicks, you tend to use the abs and legs. That is why, no matter the style of martial arts you choose to train, a great program can offer good workout joint with solid techniques.

Nonetheless, it is very important to say that not every program will produce the benefits that have been mentioned above. The programs which teach about fighting techniques only might not result in the desired benefits both physical and mental. For this reason, it is very essential to look for the ideal school which can offer the kind of benefits you wish to achieve.

For you to have a clear understanding of each benefit, it is advisable to take some time to try out on the martial arts training. It is very important to seek advice from a doctor and also get his/her endorsement before starting.