Ice Bucket challenge Mr. Malone

Ice Bucket Challenge by Mr. Malone


Hapkido vs other styles

Individuals who desire to learn an interesting martial art, may wish to learn Hapkido.   You can train in this martial art that is not as well known, as some.  Most individuals will find Hopkido to be a highly dynamic and electric Korean Martial art. It involves hits,  kicks, locks and throws.

Hapkido is known for both long range and closer fighting techniques. It is involves redirection of force and control of the opponent. Those who practice the art know that positioning of the body is fundamental to maintaining control of an opponent, and this is what a good deal of the training is based on. Similar to some of the other more well known martial arts, it incorporates the use of leverage to gain control of an opponent. It can help a much smaller opponent maneuver a stronger or heavier adversary.

The founder of the discipline was Choi-Young Sool.  He incorporated this new art by using fighting techniques adopted from Jujtsu learned in Japan after spending 30 years there. Hapkido has elements of several different martial arts techniques as part of its process. Elements of both Japanese Jujitsu and Taekwondo are present in Hopkido. This is simply one of the things that individuals can take advantage of when they choose to learn this style.   Some individuals think that Akido and Hapkido have a common history but in fact the techniques are different in that Hapkido uses  more attacks with kicks, hand strikes  and  different striking distances.  These may be some of the more dramatic differences between the two.

There are a number of stances that are similar with the techniques of Hapkido and Akido but as mentioned there are differences in the two. Some ways that they differ as mentioned, include philosophies, fighting styles and strikes that are performed. Akido and Hapkido have a different evolution and are practiced in different ways.

Although the process of Hapkido is often considered to be a soft art in terms of training and physical defense however, the process of learning it it does involve vigorous training as do the majority of the martial arts. It is a whole body practice and philosophy which can take a lifetime to master as do many of the martial arts. Look to a marital arts school to learn the philosophies and methods that are involved in Hapkido. It is important to master the fundamentals of the sport by proper training with those accustomed to, and familiar with the methods.




Ju Jitsu

Ju jitsu Martial Arts School

 A Ju jitsu Martial Arts School is a center that guarantees proficient training in grappling martial arts. It is available to all members aged 4 and above who wish to study martial arts. Our instructors at Premier Mixed Martial Arts LLC are fully certified. The members of our school get to experience the unique effects that martial arts can have on both the body as well as the mind.

Our training as you will find when you join us, gives members passion, that enables them to make it part of their life and passion. Proper technique and skill development is provided as a foundation for jujitsu by our instructors. Also included in the training is core strength, cardiovascular ability, muscular conditioning, stress relief as well as self defense skills.

Depending on your preference, you can choose to have private training or join in group training. In group training, you will meet other members who share in your passion. New members at our school are welcome to join at any level. The school takes it upon itself to ensure that it will challenge you in order to take you to the next level.

Ju jitsu Training

The advantage of Ju jitsu training is that it does not rely on brute strength. It is all about technique and skill development. This is what our school seeks to instill in the members psyche. That Ju jitsu is more of a lifestyle and not just about mere combat. The skill development offered at our school ensures that you are in tip top shape physically which means that you will manage the Ju jitsu techniques that are to be taught by the instructor.

With the type of training provided in our school, you will find that smaller women and men are victorious over heavy weights when it comes to jujitsu. This form of martial arts is guaranteed to improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination as well as total body condition. Therefore, you have self defense techniques as well as a toned body. What more would any member need?

Brazilian Ju jitsu is another form of martial arts that is offered by our martial school. This form of martial art promotes building character as well as promoting physical fitness. Considering that the confrontation that is use in this martial art technique involves grappling as well as ground fighting, our trainers ensure that the training you get with us will give you both technique and leverage. After training with us, you are assured that your choke hold and joint lock techniques will be unequaled.

Additional Training

The training offered by our martial arts school includes; Brazilian Ju jitsu, , Judo and Pankration Ju Jitsu. You will find that when this training is offered at an earlier age, proficiency is gained really fast and a child joining at the age of 6 years will be well versed in jujitsu by the time they are 10 years.

The advantage of this program is that apart from being a self defense class, it is also a lifestyle. For your children, they learn self discipline and the importance of staying in good shape from a young age. The same applies to the adult who will realize after a few weeks in our school how much passion they have in this positive lifestyle we have to offer.

Children’s self defense

Discover the benefits of children’s self defense

The security, proper health and growth of a child are quite important and should not be overlooked. Over the years experts have identified martial arts skills as an assured means of keeping fit and safe. Enrolling a child for these classes promotes their healthy, mental, physical and emotional growth. Many parents have also noted that the children’s self defense becomes second nature to them. For those who would like to join, there are many benefits to walk away with. They include:

Energy challenge

Parents are at times worried about the overwhelming levels of energy in their children. However, by enrolling in a martial arts school, the energy is used productively. This helps them to be centered and grounded as they learn how to keep fit and safe. The styles learned like Taekwondo, helps children grow their mental and emotional growth. This is because they are trained to channel their energy into constructive activities.

Holistic training

The training takes a holistic approach and this makes children focused and alert all the time. This includes investing more on the mental awareness of the child. In the long run, he or she gets to be attentive and observant on what is around them. This helps make healthy social relations and improved performance in class. This defines the benefit of enrolling which includes merging mental awareness and physical fitness.

Diversity and fun

Parents now have the option of choosing which classes to enroll their child in. For the Korean martial art, Taekwondo, it has become popular because of the diverse programs that it comes with. It offers enjoyable and full of fun lessons and values like courtesy and integrity. Other values include self-control, perseverance and indomitable spirit. The skills are essential in life and the great benefit spreads over the child’s future. A parent is therefore sure that the child will grow fit to interact with the society in a friendly way. This also includes the benefit of assured children’s self defense all the time anywhere they go.

Improved sense of self worth

Enrolling children for martial arts also helps build their sense of worth. This character is build from a young age. All the classes are directed towards making them resilient mentally and physically. Experts have also found out through research that a healthy sense of worth promotes proper brain development. Those who have attended the classes have also testified about becoming more confident.

Physical accomplishments

Beyond the mental gains that one gets, there are many benefits even physically. This includes values like endurance. Through the training, one is sure of getting through some hard issues in life. While a person is traveling or sporting the child becomes fit and always have extra energy to push on. Flexibility is also a great lesson which helps improve physical looks and posture. This is because for the martial arts classes, beyond the children’s self defense, the child becomes flexible and healthy.

In conclusion, martial arts school has splashed many children with great benefits. Experts have also recommended them because the lessons build on a holistic life. This is because those who enroll are sure of making their life safe and healthy.

Neoprene bag gloves

Everlast Neoprene  Bag Gloves

If you ever used neoprene bag gloves for your heavy bag workouts, you will understand why people choose this type after training for a few days.  The biggest reason is the smell.

Regular training bag gloves are fine for a while but if they have been used by multiple individuals, for example, shared gear at an health club or martial arts school, the smell from the combination of multiple trainers can be eye wrenching.

That grouse smell can stay on your hands for days no matter how hard you scrub or soap up, it does not go away.  I can tell you this from experience, when we shared boxing gloves, that stench would make your hands funky for days.

No one wants to smell bad, and this can help solve that terrible, shared odor problem.  All you have to do is simply wash them.  You can use these in a gym and keep them smelling great.  If you buy more than one pair, rotate them to keep them as dry as possible.

What if you are a Mixed Martial Arts trainer and just want a glove for wrist support?

You may want to try , this way you can have support on your wrist area and have the ability to grab with your fingers.  This type of glove offers the ability to strike with stability to help prevent injuries.    The drawback is that if you are using this in a health club, it is going to smell like something died in it after being shared.  If you purchase it on your own and use it for personal use, that would be your best choice.

Other wrist wrap gloves that I evaluated a while back like on my Everlast Boxing Bag page are other examples of great training gear for martial arts students. They are versatile, easy to clean and hold up to the hard hitting of heavy bag training.

School closed on Monday and Tuesday 1/27- 1/28/14

Due to the Wausau School system we will be closing classes because of the terribly cold weather. Keep warm everyone!

Testing at Mission Lake

testing mission lake 2013Congratulations to all students that tested for rank, at our annual picnic testing.  We had about 30 people testing this Saturday for under black belt “gups” and three tested for first Dan at Mission Lake.

Everyone did a really well and now, it is  finally over.  All the sweat and tears got you where you are today.  Seth Pajtash said, “I can’t believe it’s all over, all the hours put in and everything is done in one day”.  It only took six long years for Emma to get to black but the hardest part was not the testing, it was the pretesting.  That was a lot of work.  Break em down and build them up again.  That is all about perseverance.

Clean Cole, “Cole Hauser” only took about seven years to test for his black belt.  I think he really liked the smack in the back of his head during testing, when Mr. M. threw him, dropping him on my shin.  He kept on going, regardless of how I knocked him.

Matthew Marquardt did what he had to do and now he is finally there!  I think Matthew’s toughest thing to do during the test, was to say the meaning of his form under stress.  The physical parts he could pop off with ease but saying that long complicated meaning with Mr. Malone distracting him was a challenge.

Antigo and Wausau area Premier Mixed Martial Arts students did a mixture of forms, sparring and self defense for testing.  Now we will have all new material to learn and get to look forward to starting school again.  Sorry for having to mention that guys!



Wausau Karate Demonstration

Premier Mixed Martial Arts did a Karate demonstration at the Wisconsin Valley Fair, on Wednesday, July 31st in Wausau.  We did an variety of kicks, punches, throws, weapons, flips and Ju Jitsu during the wausau karate demonstration.

We demonstrated how children and adults do different techniques at various training levels.  These techniques get more and more difficult to do, depending on the advancement of rank.  Beginners work on more core strengthening to build them up to a level where they can do very challenging kicks.  Most beginning techniques are used consistently during their entire martial arts training.

We had students from our Wausau, Schofield and Antigo locations participating in the martial arts demonstration.  Mr. Salazar did some very acrobatic kicking techniques and Ryan Loos got to mix it up with Mr. S. to add some flare to the moves.

After everyone had done their part, we let Wausau residents try out some self defense techniques to see if they would be effective for them.  Everyone had a great time and Jeff Gorr tied some sword balloons for the younger children.  Some children got a free week of martial arts lessons to try at the Premier Mixed Martial Arts Schofield location.

Awesome job everyone!

Logan even got to do an armbar on Mr. Malone.  Ouch, that sure hurt!

7 tips on how to survive summer Karate training

Here are a few tips of how to survive summer karate training effectively:

1. First you must get off the sofa and not become a couch potato! It is too easy to say “it’s summer, I just want to play video games and hang out with my friends”. Make your training happen! Don’t grow sprouts, young spuds!

2. When it is hot, hydrate with H20 or some Gatorade. Don’t sit all day, then all you are doing is chilling.

3. Hit a Century Wavemaster and get some of the rotten behavior out of you. You know how you get when you sit around doing nothing and say “there’s nothing to do”. Burn some calories and get a sweat going.

4. If you are training, you are leaving your brothers and sisters alone. They will love the break, your parents will be relived and you will learn how to become better with your martial arts training.

5. Work on a few skills that no one else will work on during the summer. You don’t have to kill yourself but do learn a cool trick or do something difficult that no one else you know can do. Twirl a Bo staff, twirl a nun-chaku, learn a creative kick but do something to advance your skills.

6. If you have a tough time training in the summer because of the heat, don’t stop all activity, do your training in bits and pieces. Try ten minutes working hard and five minutes at a slower pace but keep active! Activity is key!

7. At our Wausau Martial Arts school we teach that “focus” is the most important thing. Our culture in the United States is very different than other countries. We jump all over the place and try different activities to keep ourselves busy. We tend to get sidetracked all the time. Part of the discipline in Martial Arts has to do with sticking with things.

If you jump around all the time, you never become a master at anything but become good at quitting everything. We get in an activity and quit it in a few weeks. Pretty soon we have developed a pattern and we get used to quitting everything we do. That is where Martial Artists need to be different. Stick to your goals and get the job done no matter how difficult and challenging. Just get it done!