Mixed Martial Arts Wausau

You don’t have to get slammed in the head, knocked down to the ground or thrown into a cage to to know how to use mixed martial arts techniques.  You don’t even have to be a cage fighter to get the benefits of martial arts training.  All you have to have is the desire to learn what to do.

George Foreman, one of  the best boxers of all time, used to train hard but not get hit too hard when training.  He would save getting hit really powerfully for fighting in the ring.   That would keep him fresh and avoid injuries.  He had one of the longest and most successful boxing careers.  Sometimes training with that mentality, can keep you from getting injured.  If you get injured, you are not training during the time you are recovering.  So, train with safety in mind and keep yourself from getting injured by working solid with your moves, stretching, warming up and train with safety in mind.

Mixed Martial Arts training gives you the ability to train less traditonally but work the core fundamentals of fighting.  Fighters train using many different styles but eliminate the traditional aspects to speed their learning.  They learn the moves without traditional kata training and just get to the bare essentials of what needs to be learned, to get the job done.

One style that shares that concept of training is called Krav Maga.  This system, uses attacks and defenses to fend off attackers and emphasizes getting away.  The system works off the principal of get it done now and get the heck out of there.  They use elbows, knees, kicks and strikes and do not do any traditional training like Katas.  They just get into the fighting aspect of things and how to deal with fighting situations.

With that concept of training, students sometimes lack the moral teachings of martial arts.  Teaching about respect, courtesy, and integrity are not something that needs to be dealt with in those situations, so it is not trained.  With that comes more of a gladiator mentality.  As a parent, we want our children to defend themselves but to a point.   We don’t want them hurting others in school because they could get hurt or hurt someone else.   So as a parent, you really need to enforce the moral values that are not taught through  mixed martial arts training.  You will have to take a more active role in their training.  Some schools teach about morals and others do not.

Just remember that mixed martial arts training teaches how to get the job done quickly but responsibilty needs to be taught at the parental level or some training can be neglected.


Mixed Martial Arts Techniques

Using mixed martial arts techniques is one of the quickest rising sports activities in North America and are actually practiced by men, women, and even kids as well. Regrettably, those who do not play are fast to portray the sport as violent. This is totally untrue, and also lack of respect to the extremely devoted and even trained sportsmen and women that practice mixed martial arts.

Mixed martial arts were initially introduced to North American audiences in early 1990s. Athletes have discovered that to be more competitive, they should merge styles in order that they can confront any enemy, no matter their combating tactics. Nowadays, Sambo, boxing, wrestling, judo and mauy thai are some of the martial arts that lots of MMA fighters practice.


Sambo is a Russian martial art that highlights the significance of submission grips and even takedowns. It consists of standing tactics which are like wrestling or even judo, at the same time integrating leg locks, arm locks and choke holds similar to those used in jiu jitsu.


This is yet another popular martial art practiced by MMA fighters. This Japanese martial art is recognized for training fighter’s highly effective throws and even wrestling tactics. When compared to jiu jitsu, judo is usually practiced when you are in an upright position.

Jiu Jitsu

It originated in Japan and Brazil refined it by mastering wrestling techniques in order that you can easily submit rivals with leg locks, arm locks and also choke holds. Furthermore, this technique shows you the way to assault, and even guard from the floor and then lets you to obtain victory, even from your back. By means of advanced usage of alignment, and even leverage, the discipline grooms you to become more adaptable in your offensive and even protective tactics.


Boxing is a well-liked part of a mixed martial artist’ skills as it shows you effective striking. Through the use of fists and even hands, you are able to knock out contenders to obtain victory. Likewise, muay thai is a form of kickboxing which includes striking with the hands as well as legs. Knees, kicks, elbows and even punches are all parts of muay thai striking, which make you a well-formed fighter.

Eventually, mixed martial artists are extremely experienced sports men and women who have long been training diverse martial arts over the years. These mixed martial arts techniques are not a barbaric sports activity that glorifies brutality, but a cautiously practiced sport that will you need to devote years of training.