ITF Taekwondo


 During the past years ITF taekwondo has become a very popular sport. All kinds of taekwondo competitions and tournaments have emerged from a local to a global level. It has also recently become an Olympic sport, which leads to a hierarchy among the international taekwondo organizations. By far the most popular one is WTF (World Taekwondo Federation). Founded in 1973, the South Korea based organization is the top authority in Olympic taekwondo as member of International Olympic Committee. The organization has been in existence for more than 30 years and is comprised of members from 182 National Associations from five world regions: Asian (ATU), European Taekwondo Union (ETU), Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU), African Taekwondo Union (AFU) and Oceania Taekwondo Union (OTU).




Also, a big player in the field of taekwondo is ITF (International Taekwondo Federation). ITF main purposes are to manage tournaments, seminars, setting the standards of teaching and help to ensure the correct certification and rankings.


The International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) is an internationally recognized organization that promotes the growth and practice of the traditional martial art of Taekwondo worldwide. Founded in the year 1966, ITF Taekwondo has emerged as one of the leaders amongst various other international taekwondo organizations like the European Taekwondo Union (ETU), American Taekwondo Association (ATA), World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) and many other global organizations. The main policy of the ITF is to carry out world tournaments and promotions, maintain the teaching standards as well as to ensure a correct and fair certification and ranking system amongst taekwondo schools.


At the base of their values and knowledge stand the most important books about taekwondo art and practice: “Encyclopedia of Taekwondo” it is in 15 volumes and “The Korean Art of Self Defense” which are also known as the Condensed Encyclopedia, both of them were written by General Choi Hong Hi. After general Choi’s death ITF split into three organizations: ITF North Korea, ITF Canada and ITF Vienna, all claiming to be “the authentic” ITF. This however had a detrimental effect on ITF’s international respect and admiration affecting its image.





The ITF Taekwondo was founded on the most important philosophy of promoting universal peace and unity. Most people might associate Taekwondo and other forms of martial arts with violent and aggressive behavior due to wrong media perception but the basic value system of taekwondo is about developing inner strength and important human moral values. When you initiate yourself into the learning of taekwondo through a school certified by the ITF Taekwondo, you first of all swear an oath of allegiance which is practiced to inculcate the main principles of martial art form in the mind and hearts of the students.




This is the summary of the main principles of ITF which all taekwondo students must adhere to in all circumstances:






Taekwondo is based on the belief system that for any form of teaching to be productive in a larger sense, there must be mutual respect between a student and their instructors.








All students of the ITF Taekwondo vow to be a promoter of universal peace by practicing peaceful living in every aspect of their daily living. This oath stems from the basic philosophy of taekwondo teaching that if everybody can take the responsibility of being peaceful in our day to day living, the world would naturally transform into a serene and more beautiful place to dwell.






The main aim behind the teachings of taekwondo is to place students in the path of freedom and justice in their day to day activities. This martial art form teaches students to be open minded in their thoughts and perception of other people and forsake judgmental and negative beliefs as these are the most common causes of conflicts in the world.






By becoming a student of ITF taekwondo, students learn to develop their own strength as well as using the force of their opponents against them. Like all martial arts, taekwondo is a very powerful tool which is why all students of taekwondo take the oath; never to misuse the skills and techniques of taekwondo for any selfish/personal gain or to harass, and intimidate other people.




ITF taekwondo has defined its teaching and learning principles under five basic tenets which must be followed and imbibed by all their students. These tenets are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. When these five tenets are fully embraced by taekwondo students it not only translates into becoming a proficient martial art practitioner but also as a fully complete and holistic human being.


Find Out If Taekwondo Is Becoming Well-liked

How would you find out if Taekwondo is becoming well-liked in the United States and around the world?   You have to get off the couch and try it.  Taekwondo is an extremely well-liked martial art, which is growing popular all over the world, particularly with the younger generation. Many Taekwondo institutions concur that this discipline was derived from other martial arts from Korea.

Taekwondo institutions have developed their unique grading methods through which students’ advance. Additionally, they offer their own rankings; they can be occasions in which trainees of the discipline can ascend the status by displaying their prowess in carrying out styles, and also frequently by displaying their prowess to make use of the right Korean vocabularies. This sport is frequently translated from the Korean as foot-fist-art.

The only way to get more points in taekwondo sparring is actually by kicks to the head and body areas and by landing an explosive punches to the head or body.   Mastering Taekwondo kicks calls for a great level of flexibility. Sometimes it helps to be young and also female. In case you are an older male, you will need to focus on your flexibility with stretching workouts. It can take a longer time, but the truth is you will finally get there.

Taekwondo is also in the Olympics.  At Seoul, in 1988, Taekwondo was just a demonstration event; however, by the time of the Sydney Olympics, this kind of martial arts was a complete medal event. The ring in which competitors fight is usually 10 meters square. Taekwondo fights at the Olympics and even in other places, for instance at national level or even club are conducted based on weight categories.

Trainees generally wear a set of clothes or dobok at the time of course and are differentiated by their belts, beginning at white belt and then moving up to black belt. At times, instructional classes are divided into grown-ups and also juniors.

Lessons will often have quite stern discipline, or else you might find yourself performing many push ups as punishment because of doing something wrong. A few Korean words are used during training, though the instructions are not in Korean.

It is a social activity discipline which is fun, and where you can take part making friends as well. It is also a modern art martial, popular for its flamboyant kicking. Taekwondo is an Olympic Sport as well as a martial art, and it includes styles and is a helpful method of mastering some self defense. If you would like to get in shape as well as find the normal monotonous workout in a fitness center unexciting, you ought to think of taking on this activity.


Are you are wondering if Martial Arts training is a good choice for your child? Many parents are concerned that their children will learn to be more aggressive than others if they enroll in Taekwondo classes. This is a very big misconception.

What exactly is Taekwondo? The Korean art is known as the art of hand and foot fighting and a way of life. I was taught that half of your training was to develop physical skills and the other was to develop a strong moral values, especially discipline.

Children develop better listening skills, more self control/strategies to deal with difficult children, get more exercise and gain more confidence than other children with proper training in the martial arts. Children are easily influenced by television with all the violent shows available to them as well as role models with poor character traits, it’s no wonder a parent would have concerns.

In our Wausau Taekwondo training, (call 715-355-4222 for more information) a student learns how to show self discipline by practicing certain behavior traits. They lose belt ranking if they break any major rules, like hurting someone else, when their life is not in danger. If you pick a fight you, start, or cause a fight, you are not demonstrating black belt excellence. Therefore, you do not deserve to wear any rank higher than a white belt (beginner belt). Just this one method of dealing with poor behavior prevents and teaches students consequences for poor behavior, and that it is not acceptable to behave that way.

Your child may have a more difficult time working on self control, but that does not mean they should not get involved. That is how you fix your child. Don’t hide them hoping the problem will go away. If they get in trouble in Taekwondo training, they may have to go on a time out, or do some extra pushups but they have to start learning today. If you wait till they are teenagers and try to change their behaviors after years of problems, they will have developed patterns that will be difficult to break.