Karate Verbal Techniques

Using Karate verbal techniques is one of the best ways to deal with an attacker.  Sometimes the best karate move is to do no move at all.  Use your brain first, then work out a solution.  Punching first, then dealing with the consequences can get you in a lot of trouble.  So what is a good thing to do when dealing with problem children?

One of the best martial arts techniques used today to combat bullying is to use karate verbal technique skills.  Instructors that only focus on punching and kicking are leaving students without the proper “skill set”  to handle kids, that bully.

In our Martial Arts school, we teach the first thing you need to know is what to say.  When a child calls you “stupid” you can turn it around into a joke instead of front snap kicking them to the jaw.  For example, you could respond saying something like, “thanks for noticing, my mom always said I was dumber than a box of rocks when I wake up in the mornings”  or “thanks for noticing, could you tutor me?”.

By usuing humor, you distract the bully from having control of the situation.   Bullies do not know how to handle the situation at that point, because it is more fun for a bully, only  if you fight back.  When you turn it around into humor, it ruins most of the fun.

Most parents prefer their children defend themselves without physical violence.  One of the main reasons is that their child or the bully could be hurt.  That could lead to disiplinary action from school or police.  Either direction could be trouble for parents and children.  Parents could be fined and children can be suspended or expelled.

Most schools have a non bullying policy but not all schools follow through with bully problems.  Some schools hope the problem will just go away.  Others take a proactive approach and try to deal with problems right away.

A Karate way to deal with it could be, to take no action.  If you do not react, hopefully the bully will go away.  But, when the bully comes back again and again, you need to do something.  Then you have to choose violence or verbal strategies.  Verbal strategies are a safer way and give you a safer alternative to dealing with bullies.  If you can’t fight for anything, then use your brain.

Turn the attact into a joke and difuse the problem.  Then you have time to tell the priciple about the bully and let adults deal with them.