Polar Plunge was cold for some reason!

Wow, this really looked less cold than it actually was right.  Not!


These tough individuals from Premier Mixed Martial Arts jumped into the frozen waters of Wausau, Wisconsin to support a great cause for Special Olympics.  They may not look pretty as they did their jump but you can see they are crazy and amazing at the same time.  Next year we will get more jumpers if it is a little warmer.  This was a very cold, cold winter and only the strongest like Haley and Mr. Craig Schuster could enjoy the situation.  Thanks and great job guys!



Wausau Martial Arts Classes For Children

The issue of bullying and also violence in learning institutions is a hot subject of discussion in many parts of the world and it that’s one reason to have Wausau martial arts lessons for children. Nowadays, where kids are all the time on digital gadgets texting their friends and also by making use of social media, it is never easy for children to evade bully. The unkind words and even hateful remarks keep following them, even after they depart from the schoolyard. The best way that parents should help victimized kids overcome bullying would be to let them join Wausau Martial Arts WI, which offer Karate Classes for Kids.

Youngsters that are taunted and even teased over and over again lack the confidence to report the issue, or even ask the ones bullying to stop. They just tolerate the brunt of the mistreatment and undertake the disgrace of the name-calling, as well as the torment. This may also cause kids to get depressed. No youngster needs to undergo this sort of thing in a learning atmosphere, which is supposed to be nurturing and secure.

Wausau martial arts classes  for kids help out kids to learn respect grownups and friends, as well as to project self-confidence. Additionally, they learn to do exercises while learning to protect themselves.

This is not to insist that you must tell your kid to kick somebody in the future when teased. In fact, you need to motivate them to apply the things they have acquired in their Wausau martial arts karate classes for kids.  Afterward, they may have the courage to report a case of bullying, or even tell a bully to stay away.

Karate for children may also be a useful discipline for kids who have problems concentrating. In fact, research shows many youngsters with attention deficiency disorders react more eagerly when stimulated by exercise. They get occupied, and they may be prompted to respond to questions regarding emotions, habits, hard subjects as well as schoolwork.

Most therapists suggest that pupils with learning problems need to be occupied physically as they are being drilled for test preparation, and memorization workouts. This will help kids have fun while learning as they are focused.

Make an effort to have your kid join Wausau martial arts classes, should they be having conduct issues in the class or even dropping behind in their studies. Making them learn how to focus quick movements and even breathing might help the children be calmer in studying surroundings. Also, they shall be required to react accordingly and take instructions. By doing this, it will be in particular beneficial if your kid has exhibited disrespect for authority.

Wausau Karate

When you train in Martial Arts, in our Wausau Karate school, you look for what you think works best to defend yourself. Sometimes you are not sure what moves work well and what does not. I have alway worked off the premise that if it does not work 95 percent of the time, get rid of the move.

Sometimes flashy moves look really cool but they don’t have a practical purpose. Some moves are effective but a little, overkill, which can get you into legal troubles if you use them. Some get you away and create distance from you and an attacker.

Escaping your opponent is the most intelligent choice because you are getting a great result and are not causing any damage to anyone. Moves that get you away work well in school situations, where fighting is not allowed and you resolve a conflict by only escaping.

Sometimes escaping is not enough and you have to hurt your attacker. You have to determine how much damage is enough to get rid of an aggressor. If you look at the news and wonder about the “stand your ground rules”, like in the George Zimmerman case, you can see the issue of defending yourself but going too far. When self defense turns into offense, things get a bit messy. The law allows you to defend yourself but not to go beyond what is reasonable to get away.

If someone hits you with a pipe and you take the pipe away from them, you are not allowed to smack them with it, even though they may have done it too you.

You would be just as guilty as the attacker in the eyes of the law.
So you have to learn how too defend yourself without going too far.

Self Defense

The other day, I had a student come in to my Dojo, that had trained in Martial Arts for about one year.  I asked what moves he knew to defend himself, if he was grabbed.  He said, that “he did not know any  self defense moves”.  I was pretty shocked at the comment and asked him what he knew?

He knew how to do kicks and punches but only from punching/kicking range.  He did not know what to do if someone was right next to him.  That to me is a big issue, because a person that does not work on self defense from a closer range is missing a very big area in their training.  What if someone tackles you, grabs you from behind or simply holds on to you?   You obviously can’t ask them to let go, so you can feel comfortable, then hit him from a reasonable distance from you.  So, what do you do?

First, you better bring yourself up to speed.    Ask your instructor what to do if someone gets a hold of you and hopefully he has a good answer.  Sometimes things get overlooked because you are too busy learning competition moves and not taking the time to work on other things.

Second, if your instructor does not do any self defense, go to you-tube.com and ask some questions.  You are likely to get a million answers.  See what works for you and keep it simple so the moves will work under stress situations.

I have always felt that if you were attacked, had been trained and had to use your self defense moves, you should know what to do.   Doing something is better than doing nothing.  So, if you have questions about defending yourself ask you instructor to work on self defense techniques in class today.

Title Double End Bag

If you are looking for the ultimate experience in bag training, look no further than TITLE Double End Bags. You will work your speed, accuracy and timing doing a workout that can leave your heart pumping.
The everlast bag is made of either durable vinal or leather. The best part is you don’t need a huge bag taking up half your home because this bag conveniently can be taken down and hidden away easily. At our Wausau Karate school we leave it out because it is always ready for use. But at home you can just put it away and bring it out when you need it.

You will want an accessory, the Everlast Double End Heavy Bag Anchor
which fills easily with water and can be moved with ease when you want it out of the way. The holder is very durable and has a water bladder which is much easier to deal with than the alternative, sand. You can empty the bag quickly and store it with ease as compaired to halling around a sand bag and trying to find a place to put that.

One other accessory to your Mixed Martial Arts training is a pair of Harbinger Bag Glove WristWrap (Black)
bag gloves. You can get a which can be used for light or heavy bag training. You can also use the gloves to get used to the feel of having gloves on when training for a fight.
This type of glove really supports your wrists during training and helps prevent injuries. This is an easy approach to wrapping your hands properly without having to know how to properly tape wrap them. It’s kind of the easy way of handling the wrapping of your hands.

7 tips on how to survive summer Karate training

Here are a few tips of how to survive summer karate training effectively:

1. First you must get off the sofa and not become a couch potato! It is too easy to say “it’s summer, I just want to play video games and hang out with my friends”. Make your training happen! Don’t grow sprouts, young spuds!

2. When it is hot, hydrate with H20 or some Gatorade. Don’t sit all day, then all you are doing is chilling.

3. Hit a Century Wavemaster and get some of the rotten behavior out of you. You know how you get when you sit around doing nothing and say “there’s nothing to do”. Burn some calories and get a sweat going.

4. If you are training, you are leaving your brothers and sisters alone. They will love the break, your parents will be relived and you will learn how to become better with your martial arts training.

5. Work on a few skills that no one else will work on during the summer. You don’t have to kill yourself but do learn a cool trick or do something difficult that no one else you know can do. Twirl a Bo staff, twirl a nun-chaku, learn a creative kick but do something to advance your skills.

6. If you have a tough time training in the summer because of the heat, don’t stop all activity, do your training in bits and pieces. Try ten minutes working hard and five minutes at a slower pace but keep active! Activity is key!

7. At our Wausau Martial Arts school we teach that “focus” is the most important thing. Our culture in the United States is very different than other countries. We jump all over the place and try different activities to keep ourselves busy. We tend to get sidetracked all the time. Part of the discipline in Martial Arts has to do with sticking with things.

If you jump around all the time, you never become a master at anything but become good at quitting everything. We get in an activity and quit it in a few weeks. Pretty soon we have developed a pattern and we get used to quitting everything we do. That is where Martial Artists need to be different. Stick to your goals and get the job done no matter how difficult and challenging. Just get it done!

Karate Birthday Party

Let your child experience the martial arts with a Karate birthday party at Premier Martial Arts. You do not have to be a member of our program to have a party. All you need is the desire to be a Martial Artist for the day. Each child will learn about self control, discipline, “cool” karate kicks, how to deal with strangers and participate in a real karate class with their friends.

After pizza, cake and opening of presents, we will play some dodge-ball games to have a blast.

The birthday child gets to cut the cake with a real sword (With instructors help)

Our parties include:

Soda or Juice
Plastic utensils

Minimum of five children, only $9.00 per child, cake is not included. Maximum of 40 per party. Party length is two hours. Usual day for party is on Saturdays from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

If you would like more information please call, 715-355-4222.