Are you are wondering if Martial Arts training is a good choice for your child? Many parents are concerned that their children will learn to be more aggressive than others if they enroll in Taekwondo classes. This is a very big misconception.

What exactly is Taekwondo? The Korean art is known as the art of hand and foot fighting and a way of life. I was taught that half of your training was to develop physical skills and the other was to develop a strong moral values, especially discipline.

Children develop better listening skills, more self control/strategies to deal with difficult children, get more exercise and gain more confidence than other children with proper training in the martial arts. Children are easily influenced by television with all the violent shows available to them as well as role models with poor character traits, it’s no wonder a parent would have concerns.

In our Wausau Taekwondo training, (call 715-355-4222 for more information) a student learns how to show self discipline by practicing certain behavior traits. They lose belt ranking if they break any major rules, like hurting someone else, when their life is not in danger. If you pick a fight you, start, or cause a fight, you are not demonstrating black belt excellence. Therefore, you do not deserve to wear any rank higher than a white belt (beginner belt). Just this one method of dealing with poor behavior prevents and teaches students consequences for poor behavior, and that it is not acceptable to behave that way.

Your child may have a more difficult time working on self control, but that does not mean they should not get involved. That is how you fix your child. Don’t hide them hoping the problem will go away. If they get in trouble in Taekwondo training, they may have to go on a time out, or do some extra pushups but they have to start learning today. If you wait till they are teenagers and try to change their behaviors after years of problems, they will have developed patterns that will be difficult to break.


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