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There are many different styles of martial arts and the most popular among them is the martial art Karate. What sets the martial art Karate apart from the rest is how and why it was developed? It was developed from the indigenous martial arts of Ryukyu Islands, under the influence of Chinese martial arts, out of the basic necessity of survival by peaceful people and became a way of life. Karate became a formalized martial art that developed in Okinawa as a way of defending a culture against armed warriors.


The martial art Karate in its purest form is an art of self-defense without the use of weapon. It is a striking art using punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open hand techniques such as knife hands, spear hands, and palm heel strikes executed in circular or linear thrusting and striking motions.

In some styles, grappling, throws, joint locks, restraints, and vital point strikes are also taught. Combining these techniques with proper breathing and body position, forming animal like stances, Karate becomes a self-defense system worthy of defending against an armed or unarmed assailant or adversarial challenge.

Karate is practiced in what is called a “Dojo” the Japanese term for training arena. But can be practiced basically anywhere. A karate practitioner is called a Karateka.


Karate is unique in its powerful strikes a practitioner can deliver to an opponent or enemy. Through several hours of training, Karate practitioners develop both physical and mental strengths that make them seem like super human in nature.


There are numerous benefits a practitioner can derive from practicing karate but the most significant one is that it builds extremely strong bodies. A practitioner will not only develops a bodily strength, but in the mind as well. This keeps the Karate practitioner fit, young and healthy.


Modern day Karate has developed gradually into a mixture of many martial arts. Traditionally, there were only two types of kicks:

1. The back kick and

2. The front kick.

Today, you find just about every type of kick within Karate, which was influenced by sport Karate. Karate was never intended to be a sport, but only for defense in life or death confrontations.



Karate has five fundamentals or basic techniques. They include:



Stances are considered to be first step in karate training and are common to all type of karate. Stances are combat postures that keep your body balanced. Correct practice of postures like a frozen leg helps to maximize defense strategy.



Strikes are one of the essential moves especially strikes on sensitive body parts like nose, neck, throat and ear will help karate trained person to overcome any situation. It involves the application of both on hands and legs. Arms and fist are used to defend.




Punches are the best and easy to follow technique as the feet are on ground, fist can be positioned and utilized easily. Punches are similar to strikes but punches utilize only the knuckles of the fist and fast repetition of punches is effective for defensive measures.



Karate kicks are powerful kicks. A perfect kick requires flexibility and stable stance. Every single part of the foot will spring back in different ways. The heels, edges of the foot, all are used for kicking. Kicks are easy for target but difficult to master for the return of foot, which is known as landing. It requires control on the knee and balance before as well as after kicking.



Blocks as its name imply are the defensive moves on counter attack. Most karate blocks are hands moves but legs can also be trained to block.


What is Karate?

what is karateWhat is Karate?  Karate is a Japanese style of martial art which primarily focuses on hand techniques.  Practitioners train extensively for hours and hours perfecting striking and blocking techniques.  Kicking is not the main focus  but is still practiced.  Most of us remember the movie “The Karate Kid“, dealing with bullies and the frustration of having to fight to survive in school.  Who could forget the Cobra Kai dojo?  The bad guys!

The movie, although entertaining is not what most martial arts schools are about.  Focus, self control, integrity, courtesy, perseverance and modesty are most of the true values taught in training.   What is Karate?  That’s really what it is all about.  The art of fighting without fighting.  Learn how to fight so you don’t need or have to prove yourself to anyone.

That movie brings back memories of my training but in a different way.  I never got to wax my car, paint a fence or anything as thrilling as that, while I trained.  But, I did repeat, repeat and repeat punches and kicks till the point my body couldn’t take it any more.  I learned from repetition and the three D’s.  (Discipline, Discipline and Discipline).

When I trained in Shotokan style, it was not geared toward having any fun.  We did walking drills back and forth across large room, for 90 minutes, twice a week.  We would focus on hip movement and blocking with our knees inward, so to prevent groin kicks from hitting us.  It was never really thrilling but it did teach me how to use my hips and find ways to make training much more enjoyable for everyone.

When you ask what is Karate to a Japanese stylist, they get very serious about the definition and lineage of their master instructor.  I always liked hearing about the lineage but I never got into the mindset that I had the only knowledge that was out there.  My instructors were not the only ones that could do martial arts.  So, if you are any stylist, you should be the best at what you do and not get too hung up on the small stuff.

Mixed Martial Arts Wausau

You don’t have to get slammed in the head, knocked down to the ground or thrown into a cage to to know how to use mixed martial arts techniques.  You don’t even have to be a cage fighter to get the benefits of martial arts training.  All you have to have is the desire to learn what to do.

George Foreman, one of  the best boxers of all time, used to train hard but not get hit too hard when training.  He would save getting hit really powerfully for fighting in the ring.   That would keep him fresh and avoid injuries.  He had one of the longest and most successful boxing careers.  Sometimes training with that mentality, can keep you from getting injured.  If you get injured, you are not training during the time you are recovering.  So, train with safety in mind and keep yourself from getting injured by working solid with your moves, stretching, warming up and train with safety in mind.

Mixed Martial Arts training gives you the ability to train less traditonally but work the core fundamentals of fighting.  Fighters train using many different styles but eliminate the traditional aspects to speed their learning.  They learn the moves without traditional kata training and just get to the bare essentials of what needs to be learned, to get the job done.

One style that shares that concept of training is called Krav Maga.  This system, uses attacks and defenses to fend off attackers and emphasizes getting away.  The system works off the principal of get it done now and get the heck out of there.  They use elbows, knees, kicks and strikes and do not do any traditional training like Katas.  They just get into the fighting aspect of things and how to deal with fighting situations.

With that concept of training, students sometimes lack the moral teachings of martial arts.  Teaching about respect, courtesy, and integrity are not something that needs to be dealt with in those situations, so it is not trained.  With that comes more of a gladiator mentality.  As a parent, we want our children to defend themselves but to a point.   We don’t want them hurting others in school because they could get hurt or hurt someone else.   So as a parent, you really need to enforce the moral values that are not taught through  mixed martial arts training.  You will have to take a more active role in their training.  Some schools teach about morals and others do not.

Just remember that mixed martial arts training teaches how to get the job done quickly but responsibilty needs to be taught at the parental level or some training can be neglected.


Wausau Martial Arts Classes For Children

The issue of bullying and also violence in learning institutions is a hot subject of discussion in many parts of the world and it that’s one reason to have Wausau martial arts lessons for children. Nowadays, where kids are all the time on digital gadgets texting their friends and also by making use of social media, it is never easy for children to evade bully. The unkind words and even hateful remarks keep following them, even after they depart from the schoolyard. The best way that parents should help victimized kids overcome bullying would be to let them join Wausau Martial Arts WI, which offer Karate Classes for Kids.

Youngsters that are taunted and even teased over and over again lack the confidence to report the issue, or even ask the ones bullying to stop. They just tolerate the brunt of the mistreatment and undertake the disgrace of the name-calling, as well as the torment. This may also cause kids to get depressed. No youngster needs to undergo this sort of thing in a learning atmosphere, which is supposed to be nurturing and secure.

Wausau martial arts classes  for kids help out kids to learn respect grownups and friends, as well as to project self-confidence. Additionally, they learn to do exercises while learning to protect themselves.

This is not to insist that you must tell your kid to kick somebody in the future when teased. In fact, you need to motivate them to apply the things they have acquired in their Wausau martial arts karate classes for kids.  Afterward, they may have the courage to report a case of bullying, or even tell a bully to stay away.

Karate for children may also be a useful discipline for kids who have problems concentrating. In fact, research shows many youngsters with attention deficiency disorders react more eagerly when stimulated by exercise. They get occupied, and they may be prompted to respond to questions regarding emotions, habits, hard subjects as well as schoolwork.

Most therapists suggest that pupils with learning problems need to be occupied physically as they are being drilled for test preparation, and memorization workouts. This will help kids have fun while learning as they are focused.

Make an effort to have your kid join Wausau martial arts classes, should they be having conduct issues in the class or even dropping behind in their studies. Making them learn how to focus quick movements and even breathing might help the children be calmer in studying surroundings. Also, they shall be required to react accordingly and take instructions. By doing this, it will be in particular beneficial if your kid has exhibited disrespect for authority.

The 5 Different Types Of Martial Arts

It may be hard to decide on which style of martial arts you would like to begin mastering but let’s look at the 5 different types of martial arts that are real popular. With so many different techniques and even fields to consider, it might be puzzling to figure out which technique may best work for you. Below are a couple of the most preferred styles of martial arts:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

It is one of the most well-liked wrestling arts on earth that is primarily determined by ground combating, though it may include takedowns. Submissions are the major weapon put to use in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, because you may either choke a rival out or even break, important joints by applying pressure on them. It is an extremely effective way of defense as specialists in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are quite at ease on their backs, allowing for them to protect themselves in many different circumstances. The defense posture is especially effective since it is applied in an attempt to stop an assailant from carrying out any harm to you.


This type of technique resembles Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in admiration to making use of position and even strategy over strength, so the term Judo was based on the gentle way. Judo additionally targets on chokes and even joint locks, as well as features throws. Mostly, it will involve having to take your assailant to the floor with throws or even trips, and then rolling around attempting to immobilize your rival with pins or locks.

Kung Fu

It is an ancient martial art which was developed in the Far East particularly China. Kung Fu works by using different punches, postures and even kicks, to neutralize one’s rival. It was extensively popularized by Hollywood as a lot of movies utilize acrobatic Kung Fu techniques in their combat choreography.


It is possibly one of the earliest and even popular styles. It is a martial art that implements joint locks, kicking, punching, as well as other tactics. A large aspect of the Karate program is boosting your mental strength, along with mastering different types. Even though Karate is beneficial to a certain degree, it has been watered down greatly with the sudden increase of unaffiliated karate dojos.


This technique works by using punching and even kicking. Taekwondo is recognized for its elaborate kicking methods that are precisely what differentiates it from other types, for instance Kung Fu or even Karate. This program involves meditation techniques, breaking up of boards, aerobic and anaerobic fitness and also self protection techniques.

There are numerous other disciplines to consider in martial arts; however, these are a few of the most widespread styles, which you will come across all over the world.

Wausau Karate Demonstration

Premier Mixed Martial Arts did a Karate demonstration at the Wisconsin Valley Fair, on Wednesday, July 31st in Wausau.  We did an variety of kicks, punches, throws, weapons, flips and Ju Jitsu during the wausau karate demonstration.

We demonstrated how children and adults do different techniques at various training levels.  These techniques get more and more difficult to do, depending on the advancement of rank.  Beginners work on more core strengthening to build them up to a level where they can do very challenging kicks.  Most beginning techniques are used consistently during their entire martial arts training.

We had students from our Wausau, Schofield and Antigo locations participating in the martial arts demonstration.  Mr. Salazar did some very acrobatic kicking techniques and Ryan Loos got to mix it up with Mr. S. to add some flare to the moves.

After everyone had done their part, we let Wausau residents try out some self defense techniques to see if they would be effective for them.  Everyone had a great time and Jeff Gorr tied some sword balloons for the younger children.  Some children got a free week of martial arts lessons to try at the Premier Mixed Martial Arts Schofield location.

Awesome job everyone!

Logan even got to do an armbar on Mr. Malone.  Ouch, that sure hurt!

Wausau Karate

When you train in Martial Arts, in our Wausau Karate school, you look for what you think works best to defend yourself. Sometimes you are not sure what moves work well and what does not. I have alway worked off the premise that if it does not work 95 percent of the time, get rid of the move.

Sometimes flashy moves look really cool but they don’t have a practical purpose. Some moves are effective but a little, overkill, which can get you into legal troubles if you use them. Some get you away and create distance from you and an attacker.

Escaping your opponent is the most intelligent choice because you are getting a great result and are not causing any damage to anyone. Moves that get you away work well in school situations, where fighting is not allowed and you resolve a conflict by only escaping.

Sometimes escaping is not enough and you have to hurt your attacker. You have to determine how much damage is enough to get rid of an aggressor. If you look at the news and wonder about the “stand your ground rules”, like in the George Zimmerman case, you can see the issue of defending yourself but going too far. When self defense turns into offense, things get a bit messy. The law allows you to defend yourself but not to go beyond what is reasonable to get away.

If someone hits you with a pipe and you take the pipe away from them, you are not allowed to smack them with it, even though they may have done it too you.

You would be just as guilty as the attacker in the eyes of the law.
So you have to learn how too defend yourself without going too far.

Belt Requirements

Click on the links below for the current belt requirements.

Yellow Belt
High Yellow
Green Belt
High Green
Blue Belt
High Blue
Red Belt
High Belt
Brown Belt
1st Degree Black Belt
2nd Degree Black Belt

7 tips on how to survive summer Karate training

Here are a few tips of how to survive summer karate training effectively:

1. First you must get off the sofa and not become a couch potato! It is too easy to say “it’s summer, I just want to play video games and hang out with my friends”. Make your training happen! Don’t grow sprouts, young spuds!

2. When it is hot, hydrate with H20 or some Gatorade. Don’t sit all day, then all you are doing is chilling.

3. Hit a Century Wavemaster and get some of the rotten behavior out of you. You know how you get when you sit around doing nothing and say “there’s nothing to do”. Burn some calories and get a sweat going.

4. If you are training, you are leaving your brothers and sisters alone. They will love the break, your parents will be relived and you will learn how to become better with your martial arts training.

5. Work on a few skills that no one else will work on during the summer. You don’t have to kill yourself but do learn a cool trick or do something difficult that no one else you know can do. Twirl a Bo staff, twirl a nun-chaku, learn a creative kick but do something to advance your skills.

6. If you have a tough time training in the summer because of the heat, don’t stop all activity, do your training in bits and pieces. Try ten minutes working hard and five minutes at a slower pace but keep active! Activity is key!

7. At our Wausau Martial Arts school we teach that “focus” is the most important thing. Our culture in the United States is very different than other countries. We jump all over the place and try different activities to keep ourselves busy. We tend to get sidetracked all the time. Part of the discipline in Martial Arts has to do with sticking with things.

If you jump around all the time, you never become a master at anything but become good at quitting everything. We get in an activity and quit it in a few weeks. Pretty soon we have developed a pattern and we get used to quitting everything we do. That is where Martial Artists need to be different. Stick to your goals and get the job done no matter how difficult and challenging. Just get it done!