Title Double End Bag

If you are looking for the ultimate experience in bag training, look no further than TITLE Double End Bags. You will work your speed, accuracy and timing doing a workout that can leave your heart pumping.
The everlast bag is made of either durable vinal or leather. The best part is you don’t need a huge bag taking up half your home because this bag conveniently can be taken down and hidden away easily. At our Wausau Karate school we leave it out because it is always ready for use. But at home you can just put it away and bring it out when you need it.

You will want an accessory, the Everlast Double End Heavy Bag Anchor
which fills easily with water and can be moved with ease when you want it out of the way. The holder is very durable and has a water bladder which is much easier to deal with than the alternative, sand. You can empty the bag quickly and store it with ease as compaired to halling around a sand bag and trying to find a place to put that.

One other accessory to your Mixed Martial Arts training is a pair of Harbinger Bag Glove WristWrap (Black)
bag gloves. You can get a which can be used for light or heavy bag training. You can also use the gloves to get used to the feel of having gloves on when training for a fight.
This type of glove really supports your wrists during training and helps prevent injuries. This is an easy approach to wrapping your hands properly without having to know how to properly tape wrap them. It’s kind of the easy way of handling the wrapping of your hands.

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